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Dernière mise à jour : Mai 2018

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Bureau for Economic Theory and Applications

Laboratoire d'Economie Forestière

Serge Garcia

Deputy director of BETA - Senior researcher at the National Institute for Research in Agriculture (INRA)


Applied econometrics for environment and natural resources, Forest economics

Research fields
  • Applied Economics and Econometrics

- Environment and natural resources: forest and ecosystem services

- Industrial organisation: costs, multiproduction, networks, contracts and incentives, water public utilities

  • Econometrics

- Econometrics of panel data

- Spatial econometrics

- Econometrics of qualitative variables


My (almost) complete list of publications in : ProdINRA

Published papers

  1. Garcia S., Ablidtrup J., Stenger A. (2018). How does economic research contribute to the management of forest ecosystem services ? Annals of Forest Science, 75(2) : 53.
  2. Lambini C.K., Thanh Nguyen T., Abildtrup J., Dien Pham V.,Tenhunen J., Garcia S. (2017). Are ecosystem services complementary or competitive ? An econometric analysis of cost functions from private forests in Vietnam, Ecological Economics, 147, 343–352.
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Book chapters

  1. Max Bruciamacchie, Serge Garcia and Anne Stenger (2012). How Timber Harvesting and Biodiversity Are Managed in Uneven-Aged Forests: A Cluster-Sample Econometric Approach, Sustainable Forest Management - Current Research, Dr. Julio J. Diez (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-51-0621-0, InTech.
  2. Garcia S., Guérin-Schneider L., Breuil L. (2006). “Analysis of the European Union Explicit and Implicit Policies and Approaches in the Water Supply and Sanitation Sectors”, in Water and Liberalization: European Water Scenarios, M. Finger, J. Allouche, P. Luis-Manso (eds), IWA Publishing.
  3. Garcia S., Thomas A. (2002). “Regulation of public utilities under asymmetric information: the case of municipal water supply in France”, in Current Issues in the Economics of Water Resource Management: Theory, Applications and Policies, P. Pashardes, T. Swanson, A. Xepapadeas (eds.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp 195-217.

Other publications

  1. Wolfersberger J., Delacote P., Garcia S. (2016). "Une analyse empirique de la transition forestière et des changements d’usage des sols dans les pays en développement", INRA Sciences sociales, N° 3/2015 – Avril 2016.
  2. Heshmatol Vaezin S. M., Marage D., Garcia S., Kraus D., Rougieux P., Schuck A., Harou P. (2014). "Provision cost function of forest biodiversity protection within French Natura 2000 network", EFI Technical Report 90, 2014.
  3. Fiquepron J., Garcia S., Stenger A. (2010). “La forêt, un bien pour la qualité et le prix de l'eau”, Forêt-entreprise, 193, 29-32.
  4. Garcia S. (2008). “L'économie des services publics locaux d'alimentation en eau potable”, INRA Sciences sociales, N° 4-5 – Septembre 2008.
  5. Stenger A., Garcia S. (2008). “La biodiversité en forêt : une demande potentielle, une offre complexe, des enjeux”, INRA Sciences sociales, N° 4-5 – Septembre 2008.

Working papers and works in progress

  • Garcia S., Jacob J., Lambert E.-A. (2016). How to share the pie? Sharing liability under insolvency: an experimental study".
  • Brunette M., Couture S., Foncel J., Garcia S. (2016). “Insurance : Evidence from experimental data”.
  • Kéré E., Garcia S., Dragicevic A. (2015) "Decisions to Harvest and Spatial Interactions", submitted.
  • Brunette M. , Delacote P., Garcia S., Rousselle J.-M. (2014). "Commons as insurance: theoretical predictions and an experimental test", submitted.
  • Delacote P., Dragicevic A., Garcia S. (2014). "Principal-Agent Relationship in Resource Management, Multiple Principals and Spatial Dynamics", submitted.
  • Canneva G., Garcia S. (2013). “Private information, competition and the renewal of delegation contracts: An econometric analysis of water services in France”.
  • Delacote P., Garcia S., Stenger A., Tu G. (2013). "Private forest owners’ participation to conservation programs: The case of Natura 2000 contracts in France".

PhD thesis

Economic analysis of costs of drinking water supply (in French) - University of Toulouse I

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  - Environmental and natural resource economics, econometrics

  - Econometrics of qualitative variables

  - Econometrics of panel data

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